How to boost in bookings and drive more traffic to your hotel website?

You have launched a brand-new hotel website which loads everything in a jiff and looks excellent in condition but still your business isn’t profitable, in fact your sales growth has stagnated

This is when our Sydney Leads team steps in to bring leads and deliver a content- rich website, with a contemporary design and helps you drive traffic to your hotel.

To begin with, the very first thing any hotelier would need is to have a hotel website and it is evident that the website is the prominent booking source that Hotels should focus more on to maximize their bookings and this is only possible if the website has a visually appealing design as it plays a huge influence on the booking’s behavior of travelers.

Sometimes, though the bookings are acquired via website,it’s really hard for the hotels to strive to rank above the Online travel agencies in the search engines and that’s where Sydney Leads works on by providing a solution of implementing search engine optimization techniques and ensuring that the website ranks higher in organic searches as a result of which more visitors reach the website.

So, in this blog, I’m going to list a few ways by which hoteliers can increase their direct hotel bookings and drive more traffic to their hotel website.

Provide best deals & promotions via hotel website:

Bookings done directly on your website without involving any other third party like online travel agencies are considered as direct bookings. Previously hotel OTAs were the go-to places where traveler used to discover the hotels and hence hoteliers used to offer the special deals to the OTAs for services rendered during the booking process as their presence is seen more on a search engine but inorder to make more profits, hoteliers can now cut the OTA out of the action and build their own hotel website and offer deals to your clients directly by using their website through direct booking. They can also promote their hotel brand by creating video content and uploading it on the website to increase the digital visits of the visitors.

Optimize your website for mobile booking:

Nowadays, traffic on mobile is equally surpassing desktop traffic as the mobile device has the great feature of easy access and convenience of booking at the touch of your fingertips. More than 50% of all hospitality bookings are made on this channel. If you want to increase your sales make sure that you fully optimize your mobile booking engines. Mobile devices usually include both smartphones and tablets. Make sure that your website doesn’t escalate any mobile compatibility issues and its responsive to both devices as it has different aspect ratios.

For confirming a booking, a clear overview is really important so make sure your website has a mobile friendly version of an online booking system with enough separation between links so that the customers can open it without overlapping.


Use social media marketing to reach more audience:

The best way to reach your audience is not only by creating an account for your hotel website on various social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn but also by staying active on these platforms which is only possible by posting relevant content on these channels on a daily basis. For instance, Facebook can be used by hoteliers to post exciting offer updates and invite people to check out activities on their website. You can post interesting content like articles, blogs, photos, videos, virtual tours on the above various platforms to attract the customers and it will ultimately bring more traffic that will end up resulting in more sales.

Create engaging YouTube videos to upgrade your hotel website:

YouTube is the second most famous search engine that can be used as a promotional tool to share some relevant informative videos.  Hoteliers can record a full tour video that shows the availability of the hotel rooms, venues, amenities and then they can upload the video on YouTube so that the interested clients can have a brief view of their hotel. By using video content, they can let customers know about the latest deals being offered along with the recent updates that keep changing from time to time.

Use the hotel customer review option to increase traffic to your website:

Customer review option is always considered to be the best way to lure visitors, as travelers always make sure that they have checked out the hotel reviews so that they do not undergo any bad experiences. When reviews appear on your website, it automatically drives more traffic to your website. Always make sure that you respond all of the reviews irrespective of them being positive or negative. Try to at least reply with a thank you message when it is positive and with an apology message when it is negative.

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