How to use social media marketing to promote your business:

In Today’s era, social media presence plays an important role in every organization as it helps the businesses to promote their products in the market. With the changing times, various types of internet marketing strategies have been used to help businesses thrive. .

Social media marketing is one of those prime online marketing strategies, that utilize social media channels like Facebook, twitter, google+, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest etc. to build brand awareness, facilitate sales and connect with your target audience. This modern way of marketing will not only add value to your brand but will end up in bringing remarkable success to your business.

To begin with, brands can communicate directly with their customers via social media channels. In this blog, I would like to throw light on four most commonly used social media platforms that allow businesses to interact with their clients on internet. They are:


  • For every business these days, Facebook is considered to be one of the most effective channel that shares contact information, content related to its products, post updates and events to connect with their Facebook customers. It is pretty easy to set up a business page on Facebook. Almost every brand can actually setup their business page and use it.
  • With this type of promotional tool, a lot of time and money can be saved as a greater number of messages can be shared with your target market and for that all you need is only an internet connection.
  • The best part of Facebook is that it updates accordingly with the ongoing trends in the market.
  • Brands can advertise their posts using Facebook ads. (i.e., Video or image ads)
  • Companies can get benefited on a long run if they grow their customer base and keep trying the different new ways of reaching their audience. This is actually possible as Facebook always allows a two-way communication between the organization and the potential customers.


  • Currently, Instagram is no more just a photo sharing application. In fact now, it has become a hub of business activities. Setting up an Instagram account is a very simple process. All you need to do is to download the app and sign up by using an e-mail id.
  • By using Instagram, businesses can run fundraisers by conducting live broadcasts, opening business profile page and interacting with your followers for free of cost.
  • Unlike other social media, Instagram has a feature of switching your personal account into a business account. As new updates are rolling out all the time, the new business tool features get updated frequently.
  • Brands can use both, video and image content along with plenty of relevant hashtags for running ads on Instagram to boost their post.
  • Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook and this leads to an ever-growing follower base that most definitely demonstrates better brand-follower relationship.


  • Companies can do video marketing by using YouTube as the only tool that works on YouTube is video. It can be done by uploading video advertisements regularly.
  • Creating a YouTube channel is again simple as YouTube is owned by google and when you sign up for Gmail account you automatically get access to a YouTube account but for business it’s better to create a common email account that can be used by more people in the organization, hence create a google account and select to manage my business option and once you are done creating it, then you can setup a brand YouTube business account.
  • YouTube is the internet’s second largest search engine which helps in improving the overall brand presence by optimizing videos for search engine optimization to get views and rank highly.
  • Brands can optimize titles, description and video thumbnails for search so that it drives more views and engagement.
  • Companies can broadcast live content by using YouTube live or by producing video blogs that summarize blog posts to connect with intended audience.



  • Companies can create an engaging business LinkedIn page profile and optimize it for searches. After Creating a profile and adding company details along with the logo and tagline, promote your page with your customers.
  • Content that works on LinkedIn mainly includes blogs, business news, jobs, tips and practices.
  • Brands can use content rich media like SlideShare presentations, videos and images on LinkedIn and can also create LinkedIn polls for feedback.
  • LinkedIn has an impressive format called showcase page which on been created can result in more followers.
  • LinkedIn marketing tools like Canva, SlideShare and LinkedIn groups makes marketing easier for many companies.


 Why do Social Media Marketing?

Like any other platform, in order to optimize your business you need to have a thorough understanding of your audience to connect with them and to give them what they are actually looking for and what sort of content your customers usually engage with, this is brought into practice by using a social media marketing strategy which will enable all the above mentioned platforms that provide an opportunity for the companies to share their promotional offers. Through theses platforms, consumers can know what kind of benefits are provided to them. If this cost-effective strategy is implemented in a right way, then the companies will have higher conversion rates, improved search engine rankings, with an increase in top-funnel traffic and a noticeable improvement in brand awareness.

To encapsulate, the above blog suggests the view that by applying a social media marketing strategy, you can grow your company more effectively. We, at Sydney Leads Digital Marketing strongly believe that this strategy works and we passionately follow this strategy. Our professional experts are here to help you boost the performance of your business.

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